When you sign up with momofone , you automatically get a Spanish mobile phone line and bank account , as well as a physical VISA debit card, and a virtual one. It is the easiest way to access a Spanish IBAN (for payments, collections, direct debits …), to be able to make purchases in stores and to have mobile phone service in Spain.

Because the telcobanking of momofone not have to go to two companies, one to have banking services and one for telecommunications. With this telcobank , you enjoy a unified product, saving paperwork, time and money. Don’t miss out on the advantages of coming to momofone : you can also hire a new mobile number or keep your current one (we manage portability for free ).

Mobile line and Spanish bank account
Discover the advantages of our mobile line and Spanish bank account

To open the Spanish bank account of the momofone neobank (Spanish IBAN), you need your valid DNI, NIE or PASSPORT , an email address and a postal address in Spain, where we send you the debit VISA card and the SIM card for your mobile . It is contracted online in a very simple way, in no more than 10 minutes, from your smartphone or from your computer or tablet.