Discover how to make a sustainable urban delivery and last mile with electric scooters. We are testing ideas on the streets of Madrid to improve the efficiency of delivery people and courier or parcel services in the historic center. A friendly solution with the Environment and very flexible…

electric scooters for delivery
MOOEVO electric scooters for delivery

For example, the electric scooters with cars will carry the postmen, who already have mobility solutions for the distribution of parcels and letters.

The Spanish state-owned company Correos is aiming for sustainable mobility over the last mile by integrating a small fleet of 48 electrically assisted cars. In fact, it is a pilot that will collect data for a year to later evaluate the functionality of these innovative solutions developed by the Spanish start-up Mooevo.

This company has developed its own proposal with the same goal: to offer postmen an element that facilitates delivery, saves effort and protects the environment.

Sustainable urban delivery and last mile with electric scooters

The tests will be carried out in seven locations: Dos Hermanas (Seville), Valencia, Madrid, Cornellà (Barcelona), León, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Vitoria. In concrete terms, they are used to supply low-traffic distribution areas with few shipments per kilometer traveled – for example in single-family home areas or commercial areas. They are also used for services where there is a need to travel long distances or destinations far from the postman’s departure unit.

Other delivery companies like UPS, MRW, SEUR, KOIKI, GEEVER, DHL, US Postal… all of them are testing different solutions for electric delivery carts and similar devices, but MOOEVO solutions seems to fill a gap that gives CORREOS the edge.