The new breakthrough in bicycle design is here: the Electric cargo bike with tilting handlebar, that gives more stability and without loosing cargo capacity, and does it in a very simple and effective way.

Electric cargo bike with tilting handlebar
Electric cargo bike with tilting handlebar

You can choose your MOOEVO electric cargo bike in 2 versions, with 1 or 2 motors. Depending on the load capacity you need to move, you can have the ideal cargo bike for your business. With its built-in tilting handlebar (TSS), you gain maneuverability without losing volume in the cargo box.

See MOOEVO electric cargo trikes with tilting handlebar in action in this video

This exclusive system makes it possible to exponentially reduce the risk of tipping over when cornering at high speeds. It is very fun and intuitive to ride, and is a revolution in bicycle design worldwide.

Zero Carbon Freight: The Rise and Rise of Electric Bike Delivery: Demand for electric cargo bike couriers has increased since the first lockdown, raising hope for cleaner, quieter and safer roads.

Would you like to receive your purchases without a backup order? Kettles, books and beauty products go down without a roar of diesel? Or even take a ride in a taxi without CO2 emissions?

Since the first shutdown, more and more companies have started delivering their goods – and passengers – on electric cargo bikes. According to a new directory, there are now nearly 4,500 independent businesses and artisans across Europe who are changing the look, sound and smell of our towns and cities by delivering products to customers using only electricity and pedals.

urban electric delivery
There are alternatives to urban bicycle delivery, such as electric charging vehicles from MOOEVO

Electric cargo bikes have a number of advantages over vehicles: they can move faster through city streets, meaning they can deliver packages 60% faster than their van equivalents. They are cleaner, save around 90% in CO2 emissions, are quieter and reduce congestion as a cargo bike takes up a fraction of the road space of a typical delivery van.