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Find your electric trolley for cleaning and desinfection. Housekeeping janitorial necessities hotel restaurant schools hospital airports railway stations DRIVE & WALK.

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mooevo electric trolley for janitorial cleaning service

MOOEVO electric trolley for janitorial cleaning service


For those companies already in the market engaged in the production of delivery vehicles, their greatest gain will be the growth of the sector towards more beneficial alternatives for micro urban mobility. This gives them the opportunity to grow and develop new solutions themselves, in order to stay competitively in the market. 

 Another gain is the possibility of partnerships between competitors in order to obtain stronger solutions, and to be able to face bigger competitors and/or grow faster with these DRIVE & WALK electric devices. 

Such growth may attract in the future large investments that will contribute to the development of new solutions that allow a harmony between the two main issues on the sector: on the one hand, the fulfilment of our needs as consumers and the supply for companies and individuals and, on the other hand, respecting the restricted pedestrian areas, as well as implementing sustainable measures for the cities. 

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The potential frustrations for our competitors will be those that occur when a new player enters the market. By offering alternatives with significant advantages and at reduced costs, our competitors will see their sales reduced. Therefore, they will need to adapt their solutions and market model, or buy our product, if they want to stay competitive and remain in the market.  

We must keep in mind that the frustrations of our competitors are often the same as ours in terms of urban delivery, parking, restrictions in regulation, city centers and pedestrian areas, injuries from pushing trolleys… 

The regulatory body is part of the cause since its certifications and requirements do not contribute to solve the problem, but to bureaucratize it. On many occasions, the development of a certification process does not consider the existing problems in the market and does not analyse whether the problems are systematic market failures.  


In-depth analysis is necessary to develop a coherent theory and clearly identify the problems of the market, so that the processes attempt to solve those problems.  

The industry is evolving rapidly and regulators are not able to evolve at the same pace. As a result, developments are way ahead, with the risk entailed by having new products on the street in an unregulated market: problems for both customers and entrepreneurs, lack of a common regulatory unit for the entire urban mobility sector, with different authorities involved: regional, national, international…. 

Because of them not having clear rules, the market players do not know where we stand.