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Find your electric mobility innovation hoverboard attachment adapter hospitals. Small Cleaning Cart on Wheels electric powered for janitors and sanitizers

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Technology-wise, MOOEVO benefits from a huge versatility and can be adapted to different mobility applications. However, our most strategic focus is on last mile delivery, since it is a rapidly growing market where MOOEVO offers outstanding advantages as opposed to the current solutions. 

Our plan is to jump from the prototype to developing a final vehicle in which we can integrate the electronics and electric motors with industrial solutions ready to manufacture. Right now, we have a product that is easy to use, safe and sturdy, ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces. With its compact design, it allows the effortless transport of heavy cargo. MOOEVO can circulate in city roads and sidewalks, reaching a speed up to 15 km/h.

Therefore, MOOEVO is the most efficient mobility solution for Lat Mile Delivery or LMD, as it allows a highly fluid circulation, with possibility for real door-to-door deliver and a high cargo capacity. Considering that today the largest delivery firms like CORREOS, DHL, UPS, TNT, MRW, GEEVER, KOIKI are investing in e-cargo bike fleets, we truly believe that MOOEVO will have a huge market impact. 

The LMD market is booming due to the increase in online sales, and it is expected to reach $7.7 billion in 2025. This, because of the need for sustainable mobility, especially in urban areas, opens a huge opportunity for micro-mobility solutions like the one we proposed by MOOEVO. We seek to position ourselves in the market as leaders in this sector, with a turnover of 25.9 million€ and an EBIDTA of 10,7 million€ for year 2025. 

The study of the state of the art we have carried out has shown us that there is no competitor on the market today that offers what MOOEVO has in terms of cost, capabilities and performance. The existing solutions in the market are not addressing the same goals as our product.To sum up, the benefits of our solution for the main stakeholder are:  

1- It counts with the most efficient vehicle size to load capacity ratio while also being easy to storage. 

2- It can enter in pedestrians’ zones without losing the ability to cover long distances, positioning it as a highly versatile product. 

3- Its competitive price, as opposed to current competitor prices. 

MOOEVO has arrived to change the micro urban transportation experience.