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Our entire positioning is based on the gap we see in the market in terms of cargo solutions. We maximize efficiency for companies without incurring high costs, while respecting the dynamics of cities. MOOEVO’s solution provides versatility and cost-efficiency for businesses, convenience for users, and sustainability for cities. Moreover, if combined with existing infrastructures, such as public transportation, its potential is maximized: 

1-Has a lower price than competitors: they have prices between 50-100% the price of our solution, without any higher load capacity, and they cannot access pedestrian areas.  

2-Saves time, has zero-emissions, does not need fuel and almost no maintenance: which is especially effective when workers need to be able to come and go to the hub or deliver in low populated areas.  

3-Can be used anywhere in the city: while gas vehicles are becoming obsolete in cities that are becoming restricting their access and parking, limiting their capacity for action. 

MOOEVO appears as a completely new technology, with no direct but with indirect competition, because of MOOEVO’s unique position in the market: there are no other micro-mobility solutions for urban delivery that address the needs we do. 

Cargo bikes are our clearest competitor today. Some relevant companies that sell them are Scoobic, Bullitt, Astromal, Tricargo, Cangoo and 4Wieler. They all rely on the rider’s physical capacity, as they require pedalling and have limited accesses due to their size, which makes them difficult to handle on foot. 

Cargo drones are emerging as a potential solution for LMD, although they still find important regulatory barriers. Some important companies of this sector are Amazon Prime Air, UPS, Zipline or Flytrex. New direct competitors might appear in the market with another competitive solution, but we are confident in our idea and MOOEVO’s capacity for innovation and IPR remains a key differentiator. 

Despite the company’s youth, we have made significant achievements in the field of last-mile mobility. All these achievements have been made using our own resources and thanks to internal work and development. For this reason, it has not been necessary to transfer technology, since the knowledge and technology are the property of the company.  

What we have done is to incorporate Fides Electrónica’s technology in the electronics for the IoT platform and GPS tracker with online connectivity with the platform (Programmable Control unit and M2M-IoT GPS tracker and connectivity with online platform).