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We intent to bring the more focused business/market development department into the solution development pipeline, so that we go from research to the business development size. We can indicate that our product team has direct experience working side-by-side with customers and knows their needs perfectly.

This team, that includes our R&D Director, CTO and COO, will participate in the solution development to ensure that the new tech-solution fits the customer needs and even goes beyond their initial expectations. This participation will be done through a combination of different agile methodologies to iterate the development in line with the final customer needs. 

1.Correos (biggest postal service in Spain): We will carry out a one-year pilot with 24 units in different Spanish cities: Valencia, Cornellá, Madrid, León and Vitoria.  

We will test the suitability of the system in different routes and with different postmen, who will have to fill in a survey in which they will evaluate the MOOEVOs in terms of usage in all situations, ease of learning and driving… 

Based on the needs that arise, variations may be made and new units may be incorporated. The data collection of the carts will also be checked, and reports will be prepared and delivered to Correos, as well as analysis of breakdowns, failures, response times…. 

2.Koiki (Small delivery company in Spain): A pilot is planned in 2022 with two delivery units in Madrid, to validate the feature of the cart steering system, applied to a tricycle with very good results at a functional level. This prototype has been in daily use with professional delivery since October 2021. 

Although an initial market study was conducted to ensure the feasibility of the solution and the business plan, further market studies will be necessary during project implementation. We must keep in mind that our solution has applications beyond delivery, with potential markets to expand into such as health and care, tourism or the cleaning industry.  

The markets we initially analyzed are those of last mile delivery and micro mobility, of which we have determined that there is an addressable market in the next three years of 10 million €.  The micro mobility market is estimated to reach globally, a value of 9.8 billion € by 2025, consolidating itself as an emerging market and highlighting rapid growth (its value in 2018 was 3 billion €).