Are you looking for an electric delivery cargo trike? Find out how MOOEVO has reinvented electric cargo bikes to make them more efficient, safer and even more fun to ride. Thanks to its exclusive tilting handlebar system, you can load more and do it with greater maneuverability. The MOOEVO TSS or Tilting Steering System is also very simple, which reduces costs and maintenance.

electric delivery bike
MOOEVO electric delivery bike

You have 2 models at your disposal, one with a rear electric motor and another version that incorporates 2 front motors, for a greater load capacity and a superior driving experience. MOOEVO is a 100% Spanish company, and we are close to you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

MOOEVO cargo bikes are inverted cargo trikes or tricycles that incorporate the latest advances in electric mobility and technology patented in Spain. We also export all over the world. The box for distribution and delivery can be adapted to the needs of your company, whether for standard transport, such as cold or heat, heavy loads, personalized designs…