Mooevo Cargo e-trike is an innovative solution that allows the transport of heavier loads with less effort, and safer and easier movements. Traditional front loader bikes are often unstable in corners and difficult to handle, due to a lack of balance between rider and bike. Our tricycles overcome this limitation, becoming very safe, stable and efficient vehicles.

With this line of Cargo e-Trikes, Mooevo reinvents the way of driving cargo bikes, by incorporating its TSS (Tilting Steering System), a patented system integrated in the handlebars, which helps to drive the bicycle with much more stability and safety in the turns. As a result, this electric cargo trike can incorporate larger capacity boxes more safely and be handled more easily, comfortably and even fun, eliminating the tendency to tip over when in close turns.

Request a quote or more information according to the needs of your company, and start enjoying the advantages of Mooevo’s electric mobility. Mooevo Cargo TRIKE is a pedal-assist electric motor cargo tricycle designed to transport large loads effortlessly and with much superior maneuverability than similar vehicles.

mooevo car ergonomics


The Mooevo tilting handlebar (TTS PATENT PENDING) adapts the movement of the tricycle to the biomechanics of the person who handles it, optimizing the turns, stability and maneuverability of the vehicle, while allowing great comfort and total visibility for the driver.


Its design, similar to current tricycles, is comfortable and resistant, it houses the electric traction system and all the necessary elements to facilitate pedaling and distribution tasks. Incorporates the latest technological innovations. It allows to adapt different drawers according to the needs of the client.


lithium batteries Ion with variable autonomy according to needs. Easily interchangeable so as not to stop the working day and, in case of lack of battery, it can be pedaled and handled quite easily. Battery charging time according to installed capacity.

mooevo vehicle capacity


Moevo’s Cargo TRIKE allows the installation of different cargo boxes according to the needs of weight, volume or other variables such as safety, temperature… Simple to put on or take off to change according to requirements. Different load capacities according to customer needs.

Brake System

Minimized stopping distance with hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels. Its anchoring system allows you to park safely even on 15% slopes and has a manual safety brake.

mooevo maneuverable devices


It incorporates two powerful electric motors in the front wheels, which allow great performance even with a load on slopes of 12-15%. The speed limit is limited to 25 km/h. Ready for your heaviest challenges with total efficiency.


The bicycle has the option of GPS installation, as well as an interface to receive and manage warnings and a data transmission system. Geolocation with data storage for route optimization systems and services in case of customer requirement.